Julie Purves

BSC (Hons) Homeopathy LCHE

I qualified from the internationally respected Centre for Homeopathic Education (CHE), gaining both a Degree and Licentiate. This has enabled me to be fully conversant with all the latest knowledge and methods.

During my time at CHE I gained a deep understanding of the emotional and physical factors in our lives that can contribute to illness and disease

I am passionate about helping people reach their optimal level of heath and enjoy life to the full.

I have been using Homeopathy for myself and family for over 30 years. It has proved to be wonderfully supportive to bringing up 3 healthy boys who have strong immune systems.

What does Homeopathy involve?

The first appointment usually lasts one and a half hours to allow a full health history to be taken. Follow up appointments, which will last up to an hour, will then take place, typically, every 4 – 6 weeks.

During this time you will have a unique opportunity to talk about your health related issues and how you feel. It is essential that I can gather a thorough understanding of all the issues so that I can treat everyone as an individual and so treat them effectively.

To stay well you can then have periodic check-ups to maintain your level of health and prevent illness.


Please see below a list of my charges

Initial discussion ½  hr Free
First Consultation 1½  hr £85
Follow-up Consultation 1hr £56

Concessions are available for families.

The cost of homeopathic remedies prescribed are included in the consultation fee. However, there is an extra charge for liquid remedies and tissue salts if these are required to support the homeopathic treatment.

The consultation fee includes advice by phone between appointments.

Please note that half the fee will be charged for cancelled or missed appointments, unless a minimum of 24 hours notice is given.